Estoy cansado

By: bluecholeric

Apr 13 2011

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Muy cansado.

The awkward moment when you get a mini heart attack because you can’t feel your phone/iPod in your pocket.

Today i got a letter from an American pen pal and i was so excited,  i felt so relaxed and fine, having the school day finished and the letter from the states but things are not always like that.

Someone stole my wallet right from my bag with lots of money, letters, cards, memory diaries in it. And i felt dreadful. I felt as if there is no justice at all. And there’s not. It’s like having my soul sucked out and my very personal diary read. My memories and friends teared out. People never ever do think of others.

Abby writes vaguely with no capital letters at all. She uses strange smiles and characters, the hearts, shape of a pear.

Purse, please come back to me.

2 comments on “Estoy cansado”

  1. ouuu I’m so sorry.. 😦
    it.s so pity.. 😦

  2. It’s not a big deal anyway
    Thanks ❤

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