By: bluecholeric

Apr 08 2011

Category: All mine, blue O.0


Just like that, when something is really, really funny i laugh.But it’s not and that’s what matters me the most. Life is the different stages piled up. And i believe i’m between the second and the third. From being a light-headed, viable kid, to more serious, more concerned, more balanced girl.It has both, positive and negative sides.
I feel more independent.I rush through the things on my own.I have kind a status in a society.I correct the things i spoil.I take up some new hobbies.I feel responsible for each and everyone of you.
I feel more nervous.I have a teenage-love-affair depressions every fuckin’ week.I can’t listen to the music i used to.I can’t actually say, no i can’t.
But i tend to forget how lucky i am to have such a gorgeous friends.
Everything’s not like we want it to be. It’s a reality. It’s a slow pace of our short lives.Lightning never strickes the same place twice.Try not to live your life in a lonely fashion, then you’ll definitely be in the need of conditional 3.
I want to live in London, I want to see the NYC, I want my cousin not to leave me, I want to sleep on the grass of old trafford.But..
If we were ment to live up in the sky, we would have been born with wings.

2 comments on “Posts-during-the-period.”

  1. great. i like your posts, but they are some kind of depressive..
    try your best to improve them 🙂
    look around,
    life’s so wonderful.. 🙂

  2. აუ, თაწიე..
    ნუ წერ რა ინგლისურად..
    კარგად ვერ ვიგებ, რასაც გულისხმობ ხოლმე და..

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