Snow is definitely on it’s way

ჩემს ბლოგზე თოვს და მალე ფანჯარაშიც გამოჩნდება პატარა, თეთრი, ფიფქები. ხეებზე თოვლის სქელი ფენა და ასფალტზე ტალახიანი ნაბიჯები, ცა გალურჯდება, ქუჩები განათდება… მოკლედ და კონკრეტულად შობა მოვა, შობა რომელსაც ყველა ელის, ბავშვები, დიდები, ჩემი ძაღლიც რადგან ძვლის ფორმის უზარმაზარ პედიგრის ყუთს მიიღებს საჩუქრად.

snow is definitely on it’s way.

Big, nook, decorated room, with fluffy, padded chairs, fireplace with the christmas socks on it. Windows with snowflakes and big red curtains. Christmas pudding and chocolate for kids, red wine and the most important thing, mood for christmas, unfortunately i have a lack of it.

Winter boots and footsteps in the deep snow.Cold, fresh breathe and a light coming out of the house. Hands freezing..

This is a real christmas, real winter and the real feeling that the new year has come.

Dear Santa

I’m writing from Georgia and hope that my letter will arrive soon. My owl is wise, wise enough to reach the Lapland.

I’m very glad that you fulfilled all my dreams and wishes i was asking for, but this year i have kind a strange wish, and i hope it won’t be difficult for you to manage my dream come true.

Please let the snow come and let all the children to enjoy with the white snowflakes coming from the sky, please give all the children a reason to smile, fulfill their dreams as you used to fulfill mine, give them a christmas mood and let them live and grow up in the nice family where everyone loves and lookes after them. Give food to poor, give home to homeless, give a christmas mood for someone like me and make this world a better place.

That’s all i wanted to ask for. Wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.



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