Obras De Arte

It’s high time I thought of breaking ice and writing something useful, or maybe just understandable. The first thing I thought of was photography, as I asked my friend to bring me some black and white photos from Paris and as I’m so looking forward to it, but forget it, I have something more magical to share with you. It’s know as the art and science of designing buildings.

Monuments, palaces, museums, all that concert halls and theatres, skyscrapers or just ancient buildings. It’s all the mixture of culture, technology, engineering,art.. it’s the work of nations. ♥

I do not believe that ever any building was truly great, unless it had mighty masses, vigorous and deep, of shadow mingled with its surface. I call architecture frozen music.

You look at a building, your body trembles, you think of all that years the building bricks were holding this enormous creature and you smile, thinking of the architect who has built this beauty, hoping to become one like him once. And when we see the figure of the house, then must we rate the cost of the erection.

It’s ¼  technique/skill/exactness,¾ soul in all this thing. People come and go and they take photos, they are charmed by the eternity, they preserve the soul to lime objects.

Better the rudest work that tells a story or records a fact, than the richest without meaning. Everything must mean something. Right now I’m watching Manchester-Tottenham, Premier league match for third time, this means I love football. 

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